As well as helping you gain your initial (BREEAM) credit, instigating our Indoor Air Quality Plan will bring you the following benefits:

It will show that you have considered the following as required under BREEAM:

  • Removal of contaminant sources
  • Dilution and control of contaminant sources
  • Procedures for pre-occupancy flush-out
  • Third party testing and analysis
  • Maintaining Indoor Air Quality In-Use

The plan will include guidance on avoiding sources of the pollutants in question

It will also include an action plan of what to do if the test results breach the BREEAM limits or other guidance values

“Compliance with HEA02”

Our Indoor Air Quality Plan and Post Construction testing methods are in compliance with BREEAM HEA02 and have led to credits being awarded.

“Prestigious Appointments”

Air Quality Plan have successfully completed work for a wide range of blue-chip clients.  Read more

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Case Studies

Case Study One

John Lewis Distribution Centre
Magna Park, Milton Keynes, UK

Case Study Two

HM Prison Cookham Wood
Rochester, Kent, UK

Case Study Three

The University of Nottingham
Nottingham, UK

Case Study Four

Belfast City Hospital
Belfast, Northern Ireland