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What Is BREEAM Environmental Assessment?

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What Is A BREEAM Assessment?

What is BREEAM? This may be a term that you have never encountered before. BREEAM is an effective environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. BREEAM assessments are globally appreciated as a method of assessment and ranking, having certified 250,000 buildings to date and with more than a million further projects registered to be assessed and rated.

The BREEAM environmental assessment was introduced in 1990 and it has evolved since then to become recognised as the most reliable, accurate and practical measure of a building’s environmental credentials.

What Do BREEAM Assessments Involve?

The BREEAM assessment covers the viability of a building's design, construction and operation and ensures compliance with recognised standards and regulations. The BREEAM Hea02 environmental assessments process considers a broad range of relevant factors and credits can be gained for aspects such as energy efficiency, water quality, health and safety, waste allocation, pollution, transport etc. Conducting BREEAM assessments can significantly aid businesses in identifying areas that they can improve on which can allow for more profit, control effects on the environment and manage potential risks.

BREEAM Assessments

BREEAM Hea02 and Air Quality Plan Ltd.

It has been shown that poor indoor air quality is linked to a number of issues such as health deterioration and poor performance of building occupants. For this reason, BREEAM rewards projects that produce an Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQP) which seeks to minimise sources of pollution and optimise indoor air quality. When we carry out BREEAM assessments we will be able to identify areas of improvement and issue clear advice and guidance meaning that you can maximise the indoor air quality of your business.

A further credit can also be achieved by confirmation that Formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) concentrations are within BREEAM defined guidelines at the post-construction phase.

The Aim Of BREEAM Assessments

The aim is to recognise and encourage a healthy indoor environment through the specification and installation of appropriate ventilation, equipment and construction materials and subsequently, appropriate operation and maintenance. Our indoor air quality assessments will determine how best to achieve this for your specific building.

Air Quality Plan Ltd can prepare the necessary BREEAM Indoor Air Quality Plan documentation and on project completion, can carry out the required indoor air quality testing. We only use our own in-house consultants who have significant experience and training in air quality monitoring. So you can be comforted with the knowledge that your project is in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field.

It is essential that testing for Formaldehyde and VOCs is carried out to the specified BREEAM Hea02 exacting standard required on your project. All tests must be analysed in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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