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Air Quality Case Study - Belfast City Hospital

Air Quality

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Air Quality Plan are delighted to carry out a recent air quality case study, where we worked on a project at Belfast City Hospital. RPP Architects Ltd called upon Air Quality Plan during their design and preparation phase for a replacement Acute Mental Health Inpatient Facility at Belfast City Hospital.

BREEAM compliance and certification are increasingly becoming a mandatory element of any construction project related to healthcare, education, courts and public buildings - as well as commercial, industrial and community environments. This is as a result of advancements in research that has allowed us to identify the impact of poor air quality on health and the environment. With each and every air quality case study we are able to provide our clients with high quality solutions.

Many hospitals are continuously seeking ways to improve working and living environments for their patients, visitors and staff; and in new-build projects will be seeking BREEAM compliance and accreditation to prove their environmental awareness. What better way to do so that call in a team of experts with experienced staff members who have already conducted many successful air quality case studies.

How Does It Work?

Our specially trained analysts prepared an Indoor Air Quality Plan on behalf of the architects, detailing all of the elements that need to be considered and implemented in order to obtain optimum air quality. When construction has been completed, Air Quality Plan have already been instructed to carry out testing for construction–related pollutants. This is particularly important in an environment where there are vulnerable patients, making this a vital indoor air quality case study.

This BREEAM case study is just one of many examples of a successful project. We are extremely proud to have been able to contribute to the quality of the environment in a health sector building.

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