EQ Credit: Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan


Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

The aim of the Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan is to promote the well-being of construction workers and building occupants by minimizing indoor air quality problems associated with construction and renovation. The requirements of LEED are to develop and implement an indoor air quality (IAQ) management plan for the construction and preoccupancy phases of the building, addressing several key requirements.

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Air Quality Plan have been providing LEED compliant Construction Indoor Air Quality Plans since 2013. Our team of industry experts have a wealth of experience providing indoor air quality plans and testing to a diverse range of properties and construction sites. By investing in a professional indoor air quality plan, you are ensuring compliance with LEED requirements and maximising the potential for achieving required credits.

Air Quality

What Does Post Construction Testing Involve?

Our Construction Indoor Air Quality Plans have been designed specifically to help you achieve LEED criterion and includes:

Detail of potential pollutants
Methods for removal of Contaminant Sources
Dilution and Control of Contaminant Sources & Protection of HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality
Procedures For Pre-Occupancy Flush-Out
Third Party Testing and Analysis
Maintaining Indoor Air Quality In-Use
Guide to design targets 19

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