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Post Construction Inspection and Testing

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Here at Air Quality Plan, we have significant experience in carrying out post-construction Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing. We are familiar with the stringent methods that are specified under BREEAM Hea02, Home Quality Mark (HQM) and other compliance standards. The team will always provide a firm quotation for carrying out this work.

We will ensure that all post-construction testing is carried out to the relevant standard that you are looking to achieve as specifications do vary.

We will typically test for Formaldehyde and TVOC in the air but can easily include other pollutants if required. We will normally sample rooms which will be occupied for long periods of time, for instance offices, hospitals and offices. It is important to make sure that a sufficient number of these rooms are tested in order to gain the relevant credit.

Our team will make sure that all post-construction tests are carried out in accordance with the very exacting BREEAM Hea02 methods. Our expert team will also provide free advice and guidance to your project manager to help to create the correct environment for the tests as we have found over this years this to be very important.

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Post-construction testing for VOCs and Formaldehyde will also bring other benefits:

  • Our experts will provide proof that the building is safe to use (in terms of VOCs and Formaldehyde levels) at the time of the project handover.
  • Adherence to the UKAS testing standards referenced in BREEAM, HQM and other standards.
  • Our independent third party testing can be clearly seen as unbiased.
  • The post-construction testing will give you specific advice on what action is appropriate if the results indicate a cause for concern.

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“Compliance with HEA02”

Our Indoor Air Quality Plan and Post Construction testing methods are in compliance with BREEAM HEA02 and have led to credits being awarded.

“Prestigious Appointments”

Air Quality Plan have successfully completed work for a wide range of blue-chip clients.

post construction air quality testing

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