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Proactive Air Quality Monitoring


Here at Air Quality Plan, we are proud to provide a range of professional indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring services. All of our services will provide your businesses with a variety of benefits. By instigating our IAQ monitoring services you will be able to benefit from the following:

  • Compliance with BREEAM In-Use requirements
  • Reduced threat of litigation from building occupants
  • Helps to projects a positive image of your organisation
  • Morale and productivity are increased
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Regular pre-planned monitoring is a much more cost-effective solution than reacting to complaints
  • Helps to identify and quantify potential issues at an early stage
  • Helps to promote your building as an overall healthy environment.

We have extensive experience in carrying out a variety of indoor air quality monitoring services for a wide range of environments including warehouses, hospitals and offices. Using the latest technology and sampling methods, we are able to carry out our air quality monitoring services to meet current HSE guidelines.

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“Compliance with HEA02”

Our Indoor Air Quality Plan and Post Construction testing methods are in compliance with BREEAM HEA02 and have led to credits being awarded.

“Prestigious Appointments”

Air Quality Plan have successfully completed work for a wide range of blue-chip clients.

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