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What is LEED?

What is LEED? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Similarly to BREEAM, LEED provides a framework for healthy, efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership. Similar to BREEAM, LEED is an effective environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings and is now internationally recognised as one of the leading sustainability standards, having certified 197,000 projects to date across 186 countries and territories. The LEED building standards originated from the United States and LEED requirements are based primarily on US standards and situations.

What Do LEED Assessments Involve?

Following a methodology similar to BREEAM, LEED is also based on the achievement of credits from a wide range of categories. To earn LEED certification, a project team must demonstrate compliance with all mandatory prerequisites and select a number of optional credits to pursue.

Where do Air Quality Plan fit into this?

The LEED standards include a section covering Environmental Quality (EQ) category which covers areas such as ventilation and thermal control, advanced lighting metrics, acoustics and a holistic emissions-based approach. Within this category there are 2 key section relating to Indoor Air Quality, “Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan” and “Indoor Air Quality Assessment – Air Testing” with a total of 3 credits available across these 2 elements.

Air Quality Plan Ltd can prepare the necessary LEED Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan and on project completion, can carry out the required indoor air quality testing. We only use our own in-house consultants who have significant experience and training in air quality monitoring. So you can be comforted with the knowledge that your project is in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field.

LEED specifies stringent testing methods and protocols and it is important that these are followed correctly to ensure the required credits are achieved.

Air Quality
Air Quality Plan

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